It takes a bold heart to seek the destination beyond the horizon
And a keen eye to capture the wakes that etch our story upon the shore

Malcolm Lee



About Myself


Raised in Kansas, with my formative years in Lawrence at the University of Kansas, I've spent a great deal of my efforts diversifying my career options, as well as my personal hobbies. From deep roots in computer technology to my polarizing efforts to reach out to the environment, I've found a variety of mediums inbetween to express myself. Most notably in metallurgy, music, and aboriculture.


While being a jack-of-all-trades is my modus operandi, it only pushes my drive to succeed that much more because I desire to take advantage of the virtues that lie in the pursuit of diversity. I'm currently seeking a stable career option that will allow me to push forward, not only myself, but the company I share as well.



2012 - Present

Pruning taken to great heights. A craft that demands physical prowess, prudent decision-making, and a keen knowledge of our environment. This path was chosen as an extension of my previous employment with Applied Ecological Services performing natural habitat restoration.

Employment History

Midtown Arbor

Trained as a Tree Climber with Russ Morgan, recognized arborist of Kansas City. I learned the facets of tree care, and personal safety in the realm of rope climbing and rigging.

City View Arbor

Worked beside Dylan Brown, a budding arborist in Volker area, where I witnessed him start his own business and how the tides of commerce can bring fortune.

Hendrickson Tree Care

Discovered the height of Aboriculture industry under Joe Hendrickson, legacy arborist of Greater Kansas City. The man with every tool, no matter how large, to get the job done.


Established recognition as an aspiring arborist in Westport with a small, but effective set of procured tools.

You can view my Personal Arborist Website at:


Metal Fabrication

2010 - Present

Empowering is an understatement. The ability to craft metal is not only time honored, but rooted in the core of mankind's ruthless expedition for glory. I enthusiastically took up this trade and have produced a variety of artistic works, but the most timeless reward is the dispelling of our industrial environment and the ability to see into the spires of our civilization.

Employment History

Star Signs

My most recent application of metal fabrication was for this sign shop based in Lawrence, KS. I had taken upon the specific role of Fabrictor to form aluminium signs for a variety of clients. Tools involved included welders, torches, power breaks, and all of the hand tools. It required a knack for problem solving on the spot and knowing when to call upon the insight of my team members.

Tarmac International

I had started under Jon Zedaker, retired veteran welder, and learned the trade over the years. From industrial fabrication to one of America's dirtiest jobs, cleaning bag houses, this was where I picked up my knack for plasma cutting and, although with the advent of more affordable CNC technology, the finesse of a guided hand still has its' place.

Freelance Artist

Extropolating on what I had absorbed from the Captain(Jon), I was able to build up a small string of fabrication jobs, but had lost momentum without a steady shop space.

My work can be viewed at


Information Technology

1996 - Present

I tell people that I was raised inside of a computer and although I had hoped to reserve those confines for my childhood, I have recently developed a greater appreciation for my digital roots. With an uncanny intuition for how the internet's interface has developed, I've taken this as a sincere career option.

Employment History

Customer Support

My first few jobs outside of academic life were in the Technical Support field with Cox Communications as a High-Speed Internet Tech, and HR Block as a Tier 2 Tech Support Specialist. They were a clear extension of my knack for the field, but with my youth at stake, these jobs did not last long.


I had also spent a summer doing software testing for sprint on their intranet software. This job had exposed the arduous nature of programming, but, much like the previous jobs in the field, suffered the same fate in the light of my youthful ambitions.

Personal Hobby

What kept my interests was the fact that I would never live without a personal computer. I would always be upgrading, reasearching, and enthusiastically watching as the world of personal computing dove into our pockets in more ways then one. Over time I've become proficient with Office Tools, Photo editing software, Web Development and hardware knowledge. My most recent developments were my Arborist website and this Resume website, which required parellel knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Photoshop. I am currently working with Node and Angular to develop the utility of the MEAN stack.


Service Industry

2011 - Present

What job isn't a part of the service industry? Without diving into my sense of work ethic, I had found myself providing service in the events-based sector, working alongside Event Coordinators and learning the business of socializing.

Employment History


The beacon of restitution for those trying to reclaim their sanity, the bar. The world can do much more work on your insides than thought imaginable, so why not prove that you can keep up the pace by having another drink? I had been an on-call bartender for a handful of Event Coordinators before becoming one myself.

Event Coordinator

After being in the events scene for long enough I developed a sense of belonging and picked up where Jennifer Robinson had left off at The Roasterie's Bean Hangar. An inviting event space in downtown Kansas City that has hosted Mayor Sly James and Cheif's owner Clark Hunt among a collage of notable clientelle.


Never Ends

The endless pursuit of belonging comes from a sense of knowing one's environment and the security in one's ability to affect a change for betterment.

Education History

University of Kansas

Studied: Psychology, Mathematics, Graphic Design

Blue Valley North

Graduated: 2001