Deciduous Charm


There's more reason to trim your trees than if there is a branch that's causing a hazard. Maintaning the integrity of your trees should be considered a crucial part of preserving your properties' value. The honest craft that I am offering here is the security of one of the most vital aspects to our habitat: Our Trees.

Tree Health

Trees endure and tolerate the stresses of existence as best they can and with our hands we can ease the burden. There are several opportunities to improve the integrity of a tree through trimming:

-Deadwood Removal

reduce sites of infection and unnecessary weight. Deadwood is also a hazard and are affectionately named "Widow Makers."

-Cross Member Removal

clears the trees of branches that rub against each other, which creates points of weakness and decay.

-Codominant Leads

are multiple trunks that encroach on eachother's development creating a pocket of decay between them. Deciding which one to keep is imperative to the long term structure of the tree.

-Weight Reduction

takes the stress of unnecessary weight or an imbalance from failed limbs that would cause the tree to grow irregularly.

These are some of the main reasons to trim your trees for the sake of the tree itself, but your trees are part of your landscape and deserve the attention of their context. Shaping your environment provides more than aesthetic but a security of mind.


Some trees are beyond recovery and need to be removed from the habitat.


Keeping trees nourished and warding off disease with best practices.


I enjoy the opportunity to discuss Tree Care with whomever may share interest.